How does it work?


The Moldova Project identifies the most vulnerable families who are in greatest need of support, and who are striving to improve their situation. Your donations enable us to provide intensive mentoring and support to those families. We work with them to identify goals which will help them to reach self-sufficiency, and then support them to achieve these aims. Families are selected by the social workers who live in their villages, in partnership with our social worker.


Donations of £40 a month cover the families' essential needs, for example, the cost of nursery fees, school uniform, or simply food. By providing enough money for children to go to school and nursery, these donations make it possible for them to have a childhood. Parents can find work if their children are at nursery, meaning they can begin to support their family.


In 2017 in Moldova there were 1,390 children living in orphanages, baby homes and institutions for children with disabilities. This is often because their parents cannot afford to look after them; by providing this support your donations make it possible for children to live at home.


The reason we are different

We work with families on a one-to-one basis. This allows us to work together to identify individual and specific needs, helping families to set goals to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. We tailor our work with each family to provide the right support where it is most needed.


We form long-lasting and trusted relationships with our beneficiaries and our supporters can be confident we are directing their sponsorship to where the need is greatest. Sponsors receive regular updates from us, sharing information about the families we support and their progress towards self-sufficiency.  Our updates enable sponsors to make a direct connection with our work, and to understand where and how their donations are helping some of Europe’s most impoverished families.


Our work is largely volunteer-led which allows us to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Less then 0.5% of our income is spent on administration costs which helps ensure that sponsorship goes directly to our project costs. We support up to 40 families each month. If you would like more information about becoming a sponsor please get in touch.

Supporting families through donations