Moldova team

Victoria Morozov

Project Director

Victoria Morozov is Director of The Moldova Project in Moldova and has been with the charity since its foundation. Vica  coordinates all activities in Moldova and manages the Moldovan team. She works alongside the vulnerable families we support and liaises with local authorities, government ministries, fundraisers and volunteers. Victoria holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and currently works for an American company as a Healthcare Project Director.

Tatiana Silistraru


Tatiana joined the The Moldova Project in August 2018 as a psychologist. She works directly with the vulnerable families supported by the charity, making use of certain areas in psychology such as special psychopedagogy, psychological counselling, rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Tatiana also works as a psychologist for a local school. Tatiana holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Psychology. 

Veronica Bivol

Project Assistant

Veronica joined The Moldova Project as Project Assistant in September 2018. She works directly with families involved in our work, and takes care of their basic needs. Vera writes monthly reports on families’ situations as they relate to our work and supports fundraising efforts. She graduated in Tourism at the National College of Commerce in Chisinau and currently majors in Journalism at the Moldova State University (USM) in Chisinau.

Denis Juc


Denis volunteers as Driver for The Moldova Project, which he has done since 2015. He drives the team between meetings and events whenever required and provides logistical support. Denis also supports the charity in an administrative capacity and is involved on a daily basis with ad hoc activities relating to the families we support.

Roman Gatcan


Roman has volunteered as photographer and videographer for the charity since its foundation. His work has been instrumental in helping to build The Moldova Project’s reputation and engage a wider audience than would otherwise be possible. He currently works as a videographer and editor for a private company in Romania and was previously a film director for an advertising company in Moldova.

Andrei Dorma


Andrei started to volunteer with The Moldova Project in 2013. He supports the Director in Moldova with project logistics, he oversees international volunteers and organises trips around Moldova for them. Andrei works as a sales manager for a medical company in Chisinau and is a graduate of ASEM University of Economics in Chisinau.

Lilia Calugher


Lilia volunteers for The Moldova Project. She supports with translation and administration, and volunteers for the Winter and Summer Projects. Lilia worked for the charity as Project Assistant from 2017 to 2018 and is currently enrolled as a student of International Relations at LCC International University in Lithuania.

Iustina Rotaru


Iustina has supported The Moldova Project as a volunteer and facilitator since 2016. She is involved in the Summer and Building Projects, making sure that the international volunteers are happy in Moldova. Iustina is a student at UTM, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture in Chisinau.

Valentina Tricolici

Playroom Leader

Valentina runs the Bobeica Playroom in Hincesti district, the first playroom opened by The Moldova Project. She has been involved there since 2015. Valentina has worked as a primary school teacher her whole life and she holds a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy.

Diana Sacultanu

Playroom Leader

Diana runs the Loganesti Playroom, in Hincesti district. She has been involved here since February 2019. She teaches arts and crafts at the local high school of Loganesti village and loves combining arts in the daily playroom activities. She has a Bachelor Degree in Arts.

Natalia Rotaru

Playroom Leader

Natalia runs the Loganesti Playroom, in Hincesti district, with Diana. She has been involved with The Moldova Project since February 2019. She is a professor of Russian language in the local high school and holds a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy.

Aurelia Catanta

Playroom Leader

Aurelia runs the Ciuciuleni playroom, in Hincesti district. She has been involved since February 2019. She loves seeing the effects of having a playroom in a rural community like Ciuciuleni. Aurelia also works in a local shop and raises two of her children.

Elena Domenti

Playroom Leader

Elena has run the Geamana playroom, in Anenii Noi district, since April 2019, but she has been involved with the charity for a longer period. She spent 23 years working as a teacher in Orhei, and in Geamana village. She was also a social worker for 4 years. She graduated from the Pedagogical College in Orhei.