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Summer's here...!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

...and the Children’s Summer Project 2019 is fast approaching!

The sun has finally made an appearance. The paddling pools are out, and summer fetes and sports days are taking place across the UK. We are really excited that the summer is here, and that can only mean one thing for us at The Moldova Project - the Children’s Summer Project is fast approaching.

The Summer Project allows children living in extreme poverty the chance to take part in activities they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to join.  For many of the children we work with the summer holidays mean a break from school to work in the fields supporting and supplementing their family's income. Jobs for many of the families are seasonal and all members of the family are asked to work when they can.

Our Children’s Summer Project allows these children to have a much-needed break from this work and provides them with opportunities to travel outside of their village and make friends from different neighbourhoods. 

Volunteers are a crucial ingredient of our Summer Project; without them we would not be able to deliver this fantastic opportunity for the children. We are indebted to the continued support of our volunteers who put in so much effort before the project, raising funds, and during the project sharing their energy and laughter with the children. Our team of five volunteers from across the globe have been busy fundraising for their place on the project. Their money will help fund the children’s activities, provide travel for days out, visits to water parks and museums, and allow the children to eat party food and ice creams.  

These activities are something many of us take for granted. Of course, summer = ice cream. But for many of the children we work with, little luxuries like a summer ice cream is something their families cannot afford. The Children’s Summer Project is an opportunity for the children to create happy, lasting memories with each other, and to eat ice cream!

Good luck and thank you to everyone taking part. Have a fantastic project and we look forward to working with you! 

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