Intensive mentoring

Our multidisciplinary team works with each family to monitor progress towards their self-sufficiency goals. Individual family members are supported to overcome difficulties they are facing, including mental health, unemployment and relationship problems.

Through your support, the Moldova Project is in turn able to support the most vulnerable families in Moldova.


Healthcare support

Poor health has a huge impact upon quality of life and long-term prospects, and can provide a barrier to work and school.


We provide comprehensive healthcare for each person we support. With over 200 medical interventions delivered each year, these range from operations and treatment for serious illnesses to preventative medicine and treatment for minor conditions.


Children's playrooms

Our playrooms in the villages of Bobeica, Ciuciuleni, Geamana and Loganesti are extremely popular with the children we work with. We run 7 fully equipped playrooms.


The playworkers observe notable changes in the behaviour of some, as well as positive interactions between children from different socio-economic backgrounds who might not otherwise interact. 



Agricultural projects

We purchase animals for families to provide food and support their income generation, as part of their journey towards self-sufficiency.


Animals range from goats and pigs to chickens. Many families have bred from their animals and produce their own food throughout the year.


Training sessions

These sessions for families we support cover a range of topics, including child development, the impact of smoking and alcohol on health and domestic violence.


Through these sessions families gain skills and knowledge during interactive sessions.



Volunteer projects

Volunteers from all over the world work with us on children's activity projects and community development projects. Are you interested in joining us? If so, please get in touch.

Educational support

We work closely with teachers to monitor children’s progress and attendance at school, educating parents about the importance of their children’s education.


We provide school uniform and equipment where necessary and support young people to go to college.